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FREE Credit Repair

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Price FREE Credit Repair $59-$149/mo
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FREE Credit Repair

Recent Testimonials
  • "Debt from fourteen years ago was the only thing keeping me from buying the home my wife and I had always dreamed of. Vullings Law was prompt, courteous, and genuinely cared about the problem my wife and I were having. Vullings Law worked hard for me, and thanks to them, my wife and I are closing on our house next week! I would recommend Vullings Law to anyone with credit issues!"

    - Richard T., Philadelphia, PA
  • "The credit bureau thought it was above having to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Vullings Law stood up to them, made sure my legal rights were protected and put the credit bureau in its place." - Amy S., Newark, NJ

  • "$49 per month was the best money I ever spent. Not only did I increase my credit score by 100 points, but I finally have credit I can be proud of! Thanks to Vullings Law, I now look forward to moving out of my apartment and buying my first new home this year!" - David C., Buffalo, NY