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Why Vullings Law

We really are different from the typical credit repair companies. Here at Vullings Law, we understand how important your credit is. Better credit may mean homeownership as opposed to renting. Better credit may mean being able to save money on the mortgage every month with a favorable refinance. Better credit may mean a nicer car at a monthly payment you can afford. Bad credit may keep you from all of these things, and it may keep you from employment, insurance, and even lower interest rates.

We are a law firm providing an experienced legal team of attorneys and paralegals who will work hard to repair your credit. If there’s an error on your credit report, or a collection agency adds outrageous fees and interest to a debt, we are here to make sure they are held accountable. If the credit bureau won’t remove items that don’t belong on your credit or are inaccurate, we are here to help.

Our credit repair service is free for the first ninety (90) days. You may cancel service at any time during or after the first ninety (90) days. An initial retainer fee of $199 is charged ninety-one (91) days from the date we are initially retained and every 6 months thereafter if you wish to continue with our services. Under our Attorney Advantage Plan, qualified clients may receive no-cost legal representation. You may receive additional no-cost legal services to make sure the credit bureaus, big banks, and other creditors who refuse to follow the law and abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act are held accountable. These legal services, which are included at no additional cost for qualified clients, include fighting for you in Court if necessary. By providing you, our valued customer, with additional no-cost legal services from our experienced attorneys and legal staff, we are doing what the other credit repair companies can’t or won’t do.

Unlike some of the credit repair “shops” out there and even the “law firms” who offer empty promises of credit repair, Vullings Law provides unparalleled legal services above and beyond the repairing and restoring of your credit because we won’t stop fighting for you and your credit until your legal rights are protected!

FREE Credit Repair